A social learning platform delivering free online education from universities and cultural institutions worldwide. I work in the product team helping to plan and build features to improve the learning experience for users.

What I've worked on

Toggle button

This is an interactive button that posts an ajax request when clicked to mark an article as complete when you have read it. We wanted to make the experience of completing something feel delightful so we created a pulsing animation while the ajax request is completing. The state then changes on complete and can be undone. This was achieved with CSS and jQuery.

Progress bar

This is a progress bar that shows your progress within a week of a course. The text is dynamic which changes depending on far along you are, as a way to motivate you to continue to the end of the week. 

Default avatars

Previously users who hadn't uploaded a profile picture would receive a default avatar of a person icon. This meant on a comment thread if many users hadn't uploaded a picture, it made it hard to scan through and differentiate between them. I worked on improving this by changing it to use the users initials and a sequentially assigned colour.

Feedback buttons

Under the hood these are custom radio buttons built with CSS and a bit of Javascript used to leave feedback for peer review assignments.